Aaron's story

Aaron lives with his family in Scotland and is registered blind. Having left school at the age of 16, Aaron now receives direct payments.

He gets 45 hours’ worth of support per week, and seven of these hours are doubled up so that he can go out and about with two support workers.

Aaron’s support is arranged through an agency and he is able to do lots of different things: he delivers the free local newspaper and saves the money that he earns for his holidays, and he works as a volunteer in a local restaurant where he puts glasses in the dishwasher, bottle in the bin and clears the tables for a couple of hours a week.

Aaron’s favourite activity is playing the samba drums with a music group. He also enjoys go-karting, swimming, visiting the local amusement arcade and going to the pub with his Personal Assistant. When at home, Aaron likes chilling out in his pyjamas and watching music on the television.