Improving access to mental health services for people with learning disabilities

In line with the Government’s 'No health without mental health' strategy, the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities was funded to find out about the barriers that make it difficult for people with learning disabilities to access mental health services and resources.

We have worked for many years with people with learning disabilities and their families. They tell us that they do not get support to think about mental health or to talk about mental health problems in the same way as they do with physical health.

We want to make it easier for people with learning disabilities and their families to navigate the mental health system and access services when they need them.

As part of this work we surveyed families of people with learning disabilities, people with learning disabilities, and people who work in mental health services to find out their views. As a result of this work we have written a report aimed at commissioners to show how services can better support people with learning disabilities.

We have also produced an easy read guide for people with learning disabilities and their families or supporters to use to think about and help them look after their mental health. The guide includes interactive sections so that anyone using the guide can type in their information and update it when their situation changes.

Free resources

Feeling Down: looking after my mental health

An easy read, interactive guide to looking after your mental health for people with learning disabilities.

Download the guide

Feeling Down: improving the mental health of people with learning disabilities

A report that looks into the way in which the mental health needs of people with learning disabilities are currently being met.

Download the report

Download the easy-read summary

My staying healthy plan

Use this plan to make decisions about how to stay healthy, when you'll do the things you plan, and who you'll ask to help.

Download the plan

My feelings chart

Record your feelings in this weekly diary to help you keep track of your mental health, think about what makes you feel unhappy and what can help you feel better.

Download the chart

My feelings plan

This worksheet will help you think about how you cope with the different feelings you have. Use it to make a note of what helps you so that you can deal with these feelings well.

Download the plan

Things I feel in my body

Use this worksheet to tell people about how you feel in your body.

Download the worksheet

GP information pack

Use this information pack to help you get ready to speak to the doctor about your mental health.

Download the pack