Our work in connecting people

Connecting People is a programme of work based on the approach that people who need support in their daily lives are more likely to be safe and fulfilled if they are helped to build strong and meaningful relationships in their community.

Connecting is not just about people with learning disabilities being in their local communities or doing activities. A connector works alongside a person and their supporters to match their skills, talents and interests with the needs of their local communities. Crucially, connecting helps people to build relationships that are mutually beneficial by establishing what both sides have to offer to one another, irrespective of disability or disadvantage.

It casts a new light on the nature of what represents good social care support and requires imagination, creativity and flexibility to make it work.

The programme is the culmination of 10 years research and development by us on community-based supports for people with learning disabilities. You can find out more about this work in our resources section, including details of: