Day opportunities and day services

We looked at the best ways to support people with learning disabilities to have good community day activities. People with learning disabilities and carers were at the centre of this project. It was jointly run with the Norah Fry Research Centre.


In association with the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), we produced materials to let people know how to help people with learning disabilities have better days. 

Knowledge review

This knowledge review addressed what has and what has not contributed to the successful provision of community-based day activities. It focuses on case studies based in ordinary communities, the changing needs and diversity of people with learning disabilities and future ways forward. 

Read the knowledge review Having a good day?, a study of community-based day activities for people with learning disabilities.

Practice Guide

This guide is about what services can do to ensure that people with learning disabilities 'have a good day'. It is about: 

  • building community opportunities and support so that people can have ordinary daily lives
  • day centres-how to make improvements 
  • community-based services
  • employment, lifelong learning, leisure, relationships.

Read the practice guide: Community-based day activities and supports for people with learning disabilities.

This project has supported the Life in the Community project which looks at the best ways to support people with high support needs to be included in their communities.

More information

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