Coping with changes in schools and the transition into adulthood

Change is an inevitable part of life, and even small changes can have an enormous impact on lives. Children and young people with learning disabilities will encounter many changes through the course of their education, and as they move from education into adulthood. We have included here ways of helping children and young people prepare and respond positively to these changes and transitions.

Moving on to secondary school

We worked with pupils with SEND to develop guides to help make the move from primary to secondary schools less stressful.

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Building circles of support

Circles of support are a group of family, friends and supportive workers who come together to give support and friendship to a person.

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Connecting with the community

We believe connecting people with learning disabilities into their communities is an essential and fundamental way of improving their quality of life. But we know that starting connecting is not always easy.

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Person-centred planning

Person centred planning is a way of helping a person plan all aspects of their life. ItĀ ensuresĀ that the individual remains central to the creation of any plan which will affect them.

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We have free guidance for planning your own leadership sessions, taken from our Learning 4 Leadership at Transition guidance notes.

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More has to be done to make school and college leavers with learning disabilities realise that paid employment, and even paid self-employment, is a realistic and achievable goal.

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