Our Work

We work with people with learning disabilities, their families and the people who support them. 

  • We carry out research and projects that help people be included
  • We support local people and services to include people with learning disabilities
  • We improve services for people with learning disabilities
  • We spread knowledge and information.
Employment and Education

We aim to improve chances for children, young people and adults in employment and education. Our person centred approaches can help make this happen.

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Family, Friends and Community

Most people with learning disabilities live with their families who are often key to advocating for new opportunities and need support in this role. Family members, friends and other people in the community help to create a supportive social network.

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Getting the Right Support

People need the right support in order to live life as they choose and be active citizens. Person centred planning and individual funding help people to have control over the way they are supported and who supports them. This is central to all our work.

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Changing service delivery

The Foundation has worked with various services and organisations to be creative, innovative and resourceful about the way to be more inclusive and provide better support to people with learning disabilities.

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Health and wellbeing

Improving physical and mental health: health action planning linked to person centred planning, promoting good physical and mental health, access to health services that everyone uses, specialist services that work in person centred ways.

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Rights and equality

Knowing your rights as a disabled person or family carer: confident about planning your own future and becoming a leader in your community. Making sure that everyone gets equal chances so that no-one gets left behind.

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We aim to influence, improve or change policy and law that affect the lives of people with learning disabilities and their families. We also aim to influence, improve or change policy and law that affect services that provide support, care and treatment.

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Advisory Group

Our Advisory Group supports the Foundation in identifying future work, making responses to key policies and discussing the issues affecting people with learning disabilities.

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Learning Disability Week 2013 - a father and daughter at their kitchen table, making plans for the future

For most people, family plays a key part in their lives. The families of people with learning disabilities are no exception. This year Learning Disability Week, led by Mencap, runs from 19-25 August, and the theme is family.

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"Less than 18% of people with learning disabilities go to ordinary classes in a mainstream school."